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Water Damage Clinton

When it comes to the challenges presented during a water heater flood, sprinkler malfunction, or toilet overflow, there is no one more perfect for the job than 911 Restoration Central Mississippi owner Richard Lee Sims, and his water damage Clinton team.

Water Damage Restoration Technician Doing Final ChecksTo provide people with the highest quality restoration services, Richard and his water damage Clinton team arrive within 45 minutes of a call request for help, and this allows them to save much of the structure from the additional loss of lingering in these situations.

“My crew and I know that when it comes to taking on the additional challenges that can arise from a water damage situation, such as mold and fungus contamination, that the best route is to take it on quickly so that there is less a chance of colony formation or transference,” Richard says.

In addition to being at the site of a water damage event quickly, Richard and the water damage Clinton specialists are also capable of providing those services 24/7/365 whenever something comes up.

“We are always here and ready for any project that our customers need help with,” Richard says. “That not only helps us to minimize the damages in these situations, but also the stress that people have too.”

If your home is already amid a flooding event, water heater loss, or toilet overflow, then don’t wait another instant to contact Richard and his water damage Clinton team with 911 Restoration Central Mississippi today!

Preventing Water Damage Emergencies through Maintenance

Richard and his water damage Clinton crew know all about the best ways to eliminate the effects of water damage when these situations have already occurred, but they are also incredible at helping people to avoid these scenarios altogether too.

“Every day my team and I get calls from property owners who are seeking out answers on what to do to prevent water damage from entering their home,” Richard explains. “And that is why we undertook the project of writing down all the simple maintenance tricks that people can do by themselves to help prevent a water damage invasion.”

  • Water Damage Restoration From Bathroom FloodProtect your home and your roof by trimming the trees that surround your property. These may have dead limbs or branches that can come down in heavy wind and slice right through the layers of your roof and introduce water damage to the inside.
  • Take the time to check your sump pumps and make sure that they are in perfect working condition before the start of the rainy season. A sump pump failure can cause a mass flooding in your home, so if they aren’t working perfectly, replace them to avoid water damage.
  • Make sure that the hoses and fittings on your water-connected appliances are in great shape. These items experience wear and tear through constant pressure. Replacing them is easy and cheap and can save you from huge amounts of water damage later on.
  • Examine your gutters and downspouts one a year to make sure that there aren’t any clogs that can form barriers and induce overflows into your attic and roofing materials.
  • Let a pluming professional or restoration expert come and take a look at your whole system every few years to find anything out of the ordinary which may result in water damage later on.

“This is a great list of some of the top reasons for water damage, and the best ways to prevent it through maintenance,” Richard says. “But there are plenty of other tricks, and if anyone has questions that aren’t mentioned here, they should give us a call to find out whatever they’d like to know.”

If your home or storefront is amid a water damage event at present and you want the best in the industry to make it like new again, then don’t hesitate to contact Richard and the water damage Clinton team with 911 Restoration Central Mississippi for all the help you need today!

Corroded Pipe Leads to Water Damage in the Bathroom

Richard and the water damage Clinton crew know all there is to about the world of restoration, and this is how they have grown to become the go-to provider of services in the area.

Water Damage Restoration Truck At Job SiteAnd their status as the most trusted experts in the area was bolstered recently when Richard and his water damage Clinton team got called out to a project with a pipe burst in the bathroom.

“When we talked on the phone, the homeowner had no idea how the pipe burst, and they weren’t sure how to stop the water at the main line either,” Richard says. “So when we got to the home, the water had spread to the whole bathroom and there were a few inches of standing water to extract.”

Richard and his water damage Clinton team extracted the standing water, and then pulled out all of the soaked drywall and other building materials that had been affected.

“After we had eliminated all of the debris and ruined building supplies from the bathroom, we placed in some industrial air movers, dehumidifiers, and totally dried out the entire area in a few days so that there was no chance of a mold growth taking hold,” Richard explains. “Because we got on top of this project as fast as possible, we were able to prevent a lot of what could have happened in this room.”

If your bathroom is already underwater from a pipe burst, water heater leak, or any other form of flooding, then don’t wait another minute to get in touch with Richard and the water damage Clinton crew with 911 Restoration Central Mississippi today!

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